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Here is How We Can Help You

Beginners Pilates

  • I don’t know much about Pilates and want to find out more
  • I’m exercising for the first time/after a long break and need a gentle place to start
  • I struggle with Back Pain and need a specially trained instructor or…..
  • I have an underlying health condition/injury/am recovering from surgery
  • I want to be in a group where everyone is a Beginner
  • I want to get stronger, more flexible and feel more confident in my body

Mixed Ability Pilates

  • I want to get stronger and more toned in my entire body
  • I want to increase my flexibility and reduce muscle tension
  • I need some time to relax and focus on me!
  • I want classes that are suitable for my level and where I can progress
  • I never want to do the same class twice!
  • I want to feel confident in how my body looks and feels
  • I need a totally flexible schedule to fit in around work/family

Pregnancy and Post Natal Pilates

  • I am currently pregnant or have had a baby in the last 12 months
  • I’m struggling with aches and pains from pregnancy amd/or new motherhood
  • I want a strong core and pelvic floor in preparation for birth and/or to aid my recovery
  • I want to feel confident in how my body looks and feels
  • I only want to train with a pre- & post-natal certified Pilates instructor
  • I want to meet and hang out with others who are pregnant/new mums
  • I need a totally flexible schedule to fit in around work/my baby

Here is what our clients are saying

“Having had a serious dislocation to my shoulder and surgery to repair it, I was finding that my range of movement in my shoulder was limited, strength reduced and I was often experiencing back pain at work. Over the last three months the range of movement in my shoulder has increased hugely, although it’s still ‘tight’ I no longer need any adjustments to the exercises! I am also having less frequent pains at my desk at work which I think is due to my shoulder and upper back being stronger and improved posture. Without the classes my recovery would have been slower as I was struggling to keep up my enthusiasm for the physio exercises at home and needed to find a way to incorporate these into a broader exercise session”

Amanda Soley

“Within three sessions I really felt a difference in my body and a control of muscles I had lost since giving birth. Had I not started Pilates I would, without a doubt, still be struggling with pelvic floor issues and suffering constant back and neck pain as a result of looking after the twins. I’m now very excited to see what further progress I can make! ”

Helen Ginn

(Post Natal Pilates)

“I’ve gained real confidence in my physical ability and real health benefits. It has helped with repairing some longstanding injuries and I’ve been able to return to playing other sports like football which I’d previously given up”

Peter Devenport

“I didn’t have a lot of core strength after having a baby and was also suffering from anxiety about my body after giving birth. My back problems and the various aches and pains I get from being a mum have really improved from Pilates and I am learning to feel good about my body again”

Alice Barry

(Post Natal Pilates)

“My flexibility has improved already. My back pain is significantly reduced, I am moving easier and an exercise that was impossible for me at the beginning (a shoulder bridge) is now possible, much to my surprise! I also just feel mentally happier and healthier. Without the classes my pain would have continued and I would have continued to gain more weight as my mobility reduced”

Catherine Martin

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