My name is Clare Jarvis and I am the Founder of Restore Fitness Therapies. I work with men and women who want to get rid of back pain, increase their strength and feel more confident in their body.

My clients are busy men and women, often juggling work, family and social life. They value their health and wellbeing and recognise that when they take care of their bodies they feel happier, more productive at work and can be fully present for their families. They know from experience that their regular Pilates practice provides a solid foundation from which all areas of their lives improve.

We love offering mixed ability classes where clients can progress at their own pace, pregnancy and post-natal specific classes and 1-1 coaching.

My Story

I have been practising Pilates for over 15 years, initially discovering it due to sciatica and long-term back pain I had been suffering with since a sporting accident in my early teens. I kept up the practice as it worked better (and was more enjoyable!) than any other drugs or therapy, at keeping the pain away.

I decided to combine my skills at teaching English with my love of Pilates and I knew I had found the right path for me. This experience led me to become a Teacher Trainer and I know instruct and examining would-be Pilates Instructors with national training provider, Health and Fitness Education (HFE). and I love how I constantly learn from these students and keep my practice up to date through this role.

I found the pre and post natal part of my training particularly fascinating and went on to specialise in this area with further courses. I love seeing Pilates make such an enormous difference to women at such a crucial time in their lives and having my own daughter in 2020 only served to confirm how beneficial Pilates is both physically and mentally for new mums and mums-to-be.

All in all, I love helping people to regain control over their health and fitness by reconnecting with their bodies and seeing how these improvements positively affect all areas of their lives.

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