My name is Clare Jarvis and I am the Lead Pilates Instructor and Founder of Restore Fitness Therapies. We work with men and women who want to get rid of back pain, increase their strength and feel more confident in their body.

Our clients are busy men and women with demanding jobs and hectic family lives. In the past this has led them to neglect their health and wellbeing, pushing themselves hard to get everything done and prioritising everyone else first. They realised that their body was starting to feel weaker, more prone to aches and pains and that they needed to take action immediately to prevent a downward spiral.

Our clients value their health and wellbeing and recognise that when they take care of their bodies they feel happier, more productive at work and can be fully present for their families. They understand that their regular Pilates practice provides a solid foundation from which all areas of their lives improve.

We love working with complete beginners, slowly introducing them to the power of Pilates and seeing their amazement when they realise they can do everything! We also run a specialist Post Natal programme for new Mums where they can bring their babies.

My Story

I discovered Pilates nearly 15 years ago when I was searching for a solution to lower back pain and sciatica that I had been struggling with since my early teens following an accident. Having tried all manner of holistic treatments and therapies over a period of 8 years, I was frustrated and desperate at the lack of results.

I was amazed when all my back pain and sciatica issues were gone in just 8 weeks after starting Pilates having attended twice per week. I stopped going to classes because I thought I was ‘cured’ and the pain quickly returned. It was then that I truly understood that with any improvement you want to make to your health, you have to keep doing it! I had found a therapy that not only worked but which I enjoyed and I haven’t stopped since.

I love helping people to regain control over their health and fitness by reconnecting with their bodies and seeing how these improvements positively affect all areas of their lives.

Meet Katie

Katie is a Body Control certified Pilates teacher with experience in teaching those of all ages and abilities. As a Personal Trainer as well as Pre & Post-natal qualified, everyone is in safe hands.

With a background that covers everything from sports, dance, & fitness, she’s passionate about encouraging others to live a healthier life with better movement. She’s keen to encourage others to practise Pilates, to enjoy the non-competitive exercise, whether it’s to complement an already active lifestyle, or to promote low impact movements with focus on strength, posture, alignment, and a true connection to the body.

Classes are highly focused on flowing movement. Yes they’re challenging but they’re always fun.

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