Beginners Pilates

Where are you at?

You’ve heard of Pilates and how beneficial it is but don’t know much (or anything!) about it so you’d like to find out more with minimal commitment. This might be the first time you have ever exercised or maybe you’re returning to exercise after quite a while so you’re feeling a bit nervous about what to expect and whether you’ll be able to do it; as a result, you want to be in a group with just Beginners. You’d really like to feel stronger, more flexible, have fewer aches and pains and feel better about your body in 5 weeks.

What problems might you be facing right now?

You spend too many hours sitting or standing and feel sure that this is contributing to your pain, discomfort and feeling out of shape. You might even be struggling with back pain, a chronic health condition or recovering from an injury or surgery. A demanding job and/or family life mean that you often struggle to make time to exercise and commit to a regular class or maybe you’ve just lacked the confidence to join a local class. All of this has left you lacking strength, maybe feeling old beyond your years and feeling a bit out of shape which might have had the knock on effect of you feeling dissatisfied with how your body looks and feels.

What you need help with right now?

You need to strengthen your back and core muscles, tone up, improve your posture and basically just make a start on looking after yourself! You want to feel confident in how your body looks, moves and feels rather than worrying about the future.

You need to learn what exercises and stretches to do specifically and be guided through them by a professional so you can feel confident that this is going to make a real difference to you. Between work and/or family you are pretty busy so you also need something really flexible.

How can we help you?

You can choose between our Self-Guided Courses or Small Group Coaching Sessions.

The Self-Guided Course guides you gently and safely through a progressive program so you will see and feel yourself getting stronger and feeling better each week. They are led by Restore Fitness Therapies Director Clare Jarvis who used Pilates to overcome her own back pain over 10 years ago. You can work through the classes whenever and wherever it suits you, stopping and starting videos as you need to and returning to classes as many times as you like with your unlimited access.

Our Small Group Coaching Sessions involve a live weekly class with one of our Instructors (who specialises in working with Beginners and those managing back pain or other injuries and health conditions) where you can get live instruction and correction. Class sizes are kept small so you get lots of attention from your instructor and the opportunity to ask questions and gain feedback. Each class ends with a ‘coffee club’ where you can connect with the other members of your group and enjoy the social benefits of attending a group exercise class. Don’t worry if you miss a session or want to do more; you’ll get access to the class recording afterwards. Small Group Coaching is perfect for those who like to stick to a weekly schedule and like a greater level of interaction and support.

Whichever option you choose, you’ll get access to our Facebook Group where you can get more exercise videos, watch our info videos on topics you choose, connect with others and ask your burning questions at the Q&As!

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