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FREE ‘How to relieve muscle aches and pains, stress and tension” Consultation and Taster Massage Session

In your FREE 30min Taster Session you will experience…

  • A consultation and assessment.
  • A taster massage where you will experience and feel the benefits of massage therapy.
  • Hints and tips on self-care and how to stay pain-free and tension-free.

FREE ‘Beginners Pilates’ Taster Session

In your FREE Taster Session you will discover…

  • Exercises to strengthen your core and tone your whole body
  • Discover gentle stretches to be become more flexible and reduce stiffness
  • That there are lots of options so you’ll be able to do everything!

FREE ‘Post Natal Pilates’ Taster Session

In your FREE Taster Session you will discover…

  • How to assess any abdominal muscle separation and pelvic floor exercises to regain strength and improve bladder control
  • Exercises to strengthen and tone the whole body AND promote relaxation
  • How to develop core strength and prepare your body for further exercise

Free ‘Reduce, Manage and Eliminate Back Pain’ Pilates Taster Class

In your FREE taster session you will discover:

  • Simple exercises to increase core strength
  • Gentle stretches to relieve tight sore muscles
  • How improved posture can relieve back pain
  • Tips for adapting daily tasks to avoid back pain