Meet The Team

Michael & Clare

What makes us the right people to help reduce and hopefully eliminate your muscle aches and pains, R.S.I. pain, back pain, and improve your core strength, posture and flexibility?

About us

We created Restore Fitness Therapies because we want to harness the synergy that exists between the Emmett Technique, Massage and Pilates for the benefits of our clients. Both the Emmett Technique and Massage can help unlock and relax a body and limbs from tension, stiffness and pain, and Pilates can help a body regain good posture, core strength and flexibility. Regular sessions of these therapies is an easy and effective way to maintain a body’s musculoskeletal fitness and keep injury, pain and stiffness at bay. You WILL be able to keep doing the things you love!

At Restore Fitness Therapies we focus on muscle tension, aches and pains, repetitive strain injuries (RSI), back pain, core strength, posture and flexibility. We offer an effective and often quick solution, and then look at how to maintain optimum health well into the future.

Our clients are happier, feel stronger and taller, rejuvenated and regaining their zest for life.
They have stopped wasting time, ignoring the problem and instead follow a plan with lots of guidance, hands on treatment and support. In short they find themselves in a lot less pain, stronger, taller, relaxed and happier!


Why I do what I do

It means everything to me to be able to help people, and be an integral part of my local community. I originally qualified as a Soft Tissue Therapist at the prestigious London School of Sports Massage. Since qualifying, I have gone on to specialise in Wrist and Arm pain (R.S.I.), TMJ and Jaw pain, Deep Tissue Massage, and Indian Head Massage. I have also more recently qualified as an EMMETT Technique practitioner adding more advanced muscle-tension releasing techniques to my toolbox. I have worked at the Perrymount Clinic in Haywards Heath, and at Natural Balance Therapies Clinic in Brighton and Hove, gaining invaluable experience and knowledge. I am a member of both the ISRM and CNHC, and because I am registered with the CNHC, if you have private healthcare insurance, it could be worth checking with your provider to see if they will reimburse you for Sports, Remedial and/or Indian Head Massage.

Having experienced the amazing healing powers of Massage myself when training for triathlons, half-marathons, and working at a deskjob for almost 20 years, and more recently having experienced the fast healing effects of the EMMETT Technique, I genuinely look forward to every day I work because I know I will be rewarded with very happy clients and seeing their great results.


Why I do what I do

I have practised Pilates since 2008 and qualified as a Level 3 Mat Pilates Instructor in 2014 with Health & Fitness Education (HFE), one of the UKs leading training providers to the health and fitness sector. In 2017 I completed the Level 3 Ante and Post Natal Exercise Instructor qualification and am listed on the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS).

Since qualifying I have worked at David Lloyd Clubs, Pure Gym and Freedom Leisure. I am now a Pilates Teacher Trainer for HFE alongside working with our clients at Restore Fitness Therapies.

Having found Pilates the only method of rehabilitation to provide lasting results following a serious back injury, I am now determined to help others struggling with pain and injuries find a lasting solution.

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