So how’s the training going?!

In this post I want to tell you more about how developing good posture, core strength and flexibility through Pilates, can improve your athletic performance and reduce your incidence of injuries.

I started running at the age of 7, ran competitively until the age of 18 and haven’t stopped since – I love it! However, I experienced my fair share of sprains and strains during that time before discovering Pilates! These resulted from over training, not warming up properly and poor running technique to name just a few. But, the ultimate root cause of these types of injuries is stretching muscles beyond their limit (aka, a lack of flexibility).

Pilates exercises naturally incorporate flexibility (for example, the classic ‘roll down’) but I have consciously started incorporating extra elements into my classes because of the benefits experienced by my clients. In Pilates we never force any part of the body, but instead pay attention to how our bodies feel and work in a controlled way, encouraging the muscles to stretch gently over time.

Another reason that athletes can incur injuries is through a lack of core strength and poor posture. This is because it causes muscular imbalances which put stress and strain on other parts of the body. For example, poor posture causing you to lean to one side puts pressure on the outside of the hip, knee and ankle joint, straining the associated tendons and causing ‘runners knee’.

Injuries are every athletes nightmare and we want to prevent them and recover from them as quickly as possible by improving our muscular strength and flexibility. We also want to perform at our best and keep improving on those times and distances by perfecting our running technique to maximise efficiency. This is achieved in part through optimising our core strength and posture.

Subsequently, Pilates can be an effective addition to the athlete’s training programme as it helps you to develop core strength, align your posture and to develop strong, balanced muscles without inducing any stress or strain on the body.

If you’d like to see how Pilates can help you and your training, why not come along for a FREE class on Thursdays at Purple Turtle Wellbeing at 6pm? Check out the website for more details of classes with Pilates Evolution Brighton and we look forward to seeing you soon 🙂