Post Natal Recovery Group Classes

Where are you at?

You’ve had a baby in the last 6 months and are desperate to start feeling more like your old self again. You feel pretty motivated, you just don’t know what to do and you need to be able to bring your baby with you.

You might already go to lots of baby classes but you aren’t doing anything to look after yourself right now. You sometimes feel guilty about spending money on yourself (especially as maternity pay is rubbish!) but you know that if you don’t take care of your body now, you’ll just be storing up problems for later.

What problems might you be facing right now?

You’ve lost a lot of core strength as a result of pregnancy and hate the ‘Mummy tummy’ you’ve developed. You’ve heard of Diastasis Recti but don’t know if you’re affected or what it means in practical terms.

Depending on the type of birth you had, you may also be struggling with a weak pelvic floor and be embarrassed by poor bladder control or, you had a C-section and are feeling nervous about exercising after major surgery.

You’re terrified of doing the wrong type of exercise and hurting yourself and you also don’t have any childcare so you need something you can bring your baby to. Your posture is really suffering from feeding, carrying and sleeping awkwardly and this is causing you back pain.

What you need help with right now?

You need an exercise class especially for new mums that you can bring your baby to and where you can feed and change your baby without any embarrassment. You also want a class which is led by a specially trained post-natal instructor so you feel 100% safe.

You want to start strengthening your core, fit back into your pre-pregnancy clothes and get any pelvic floor issues sorted out as soon as possible. You need help to sort out your posture and reduce your back pain and you need to learn how to go about daily tasks without hurting yourself. You also need to get out the house and meet other Mums before you go crazy!

How can the Group Classes help you?

Our group classes provide a safe and sociable space for new Mums to start regaining their physical strength (and improve their mental wellbeing) with a specialist instructor. We’ll check you for Diastasis Recti, explain what that means and adapt all exercises as necessary so you can safely take part in the class if you’re affected.

Our classes have a maximum of 9 Mums so that everyone gets the attention they need and we’ll offer tailor made options if there’s anything we don’t think is right for you yet. Teachers will offer hands-on corrections so you become more aware of your body and we’ll give you advice and tips for things to do outside the class so you can continue to improve. We offer three post-natal specific classes per week and a flexible class schedule that works around your busy and unpredictable schedule. You’ll also get tons of motivation and accountability so you meet your goals and see the changes you want to see.

It includes:

  • Access to one or two classes per week (with 10 classes per week to choose from including 3 post-natal)
  • Access to our You Tube channel with online videos for you to do at home
  • Access to our Post Natal Members only Facebook group with useful articles where you can interact with teachers and fellow Mums
  • Bi-monthly newsletter with news and training videos
  • Exclusive discounts on treatments with Michael Jarvis Massage to compliment your Pilates and give you some relaxation time

All equipment and mats are provided so you don’t have to buy anything specific in order to attend.

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