Stretch, Strengthen and Relax (Mixed Ability Classes)

Where are you at?

You might be a Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced Practitioner of Pilates, it doesn’t matter. You know that Pilates is great for getting stronger, more flexible and giving you some time out and you’ve decided it’s time to get onboard! Maybe you’ve neglected your health recently, needing to prioritise work and family, but you know that it’s time to get back on track. You know that Pilates is a great way to safely get back into exercise so you’re ready to give it a go or pick up where you left off.

What problems might you be facing right now?

You are struggling with aches, pains, stiffness and generally feeling unhappy with how your body looks, moves and feels. This may be a result of having a sedentary job, overcoming illness or injury or running around after a young family. Whatever the cause, you really want to start feeling stronger and take control of your health so that you can do daily tasks with ease, be pain free and open up new possibilities. You may also struggle to find the time to relax and focus on yourself so you are looking for a little time out each week that is just for you.

What you need help with right now?

You want to get stronger, more flexible and take some time out for yourself each week but you need a structure to help you get there. You’ve tried free stuff online or drop-in classes but you easily lose motivation so need accountability, a varied program and a rock solid plan to help you get there.

You need an instructor who can tailor exercises to meet your needs and work around your injuries as well as really watching you and correcting you. You want your classes to be varied from session to session and to be enjoyable, challenging and get you results.

How can we help you?

You can choose between our Face to Face classes, Live Stream and On-Demand Classes or our Self Guided Courses. Whichever method you choose, you will learn;

– how to align your body and correct your own posture to reduce aches and pains
– the Advanced Lateral Breathing Technique; fundamental to all Pilates exercises and aids relaxation
– Core and Pelvic Floor Engagement; necessary for the correct execution of all exercises
– how to safely mobilise your joints and stretch your muscles to make everyday movements easier
– a variety of exercises to strengthen and tone your whole body with options to cover all abilities
– how to use small equipment safely to enhance your practice

We offer a range of Mixed Ability Face to Face classes each week at different times and locations. You don’t have to attend the same class each week and you can make up missed sessions in-person or online. The advantage of Mixed Ability Classes is that you can work at your own level each week and you don’t need to change classes as you progress. Please see the Class Timetable for the current schedule or use the Contact page if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

Our Live Stream Classes are ideal if you do not live in the Brighton and Hove area or if struggle to make face to face classes due work, travel or family commitments. You will get live instruction and correction and still have the opportunity to ask questions and get feedback in real time. Don’t worry if you miss a session or want to do more; whether you join us online or in-person, you’ll get access to our On-Demand library of recordings so you never need miss your workout.

The Self-Guided Courses guides you gently and safely through a progressive program so you will see and feel yourself getting stronger and feeling better each week. We offer 5- and 10-week Beginners courses and a 10-week Intermediate Course. You can work through the classes whenever and wherever it suits you, stopping and starting videos as you need to and returning to classes as many times as you like with your unlimited access.

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