Success Stories


What was the problem you needed help with before we started working together?
-I have an on going issue with hip pain and shoulder/neck ache due to exercise and work.
Why did you choose to visit me for help?….and what (if any) worries or concerns did you have before attending?
-I had read your personal statement and was intrigued by your wealth of knowledge and the Emmett technique.
What has the process been like of working with me?
-Amazing! Very successful and fun.
What is the one (or two) best results you have got from working with me?
-The Emmett Technique is fascinating and incredible, after one session my hip pain had gone, Michael’s massage is also very strong and relieved a lot of tension and discomfort in my shoulder and neck. Absolutely wonderful!
Is there anything else you would like to add?
-I would highly recommend having treatment from you, you are confident, knowledgeable, relaxed and professional. The results are amazing and successful. Thank you!

Rosie (Hip, Shoulder & Neck pain)

My problem was my right ankle, I was unable to run due to a burning sensation.
I found Michael by accident, he came into my shop looking for wood flooring, when I did my site measure I discovered that Michael could help me to get back to my running again which he did within 6 sessions.
Very professional service offered with fantastic results & such a friendly guy with plenty of knowledge.
Michael has worked wonders on me, I’m back now to running without pain in my right ankle. Michael also noticed that my right shoulder wasn’t doing a full rotation, and within 2 sessions I had full movement in my shoulder.
Highly recommended, very professional with good knowledge of the human body.

Darran (painful ankle & shoulder)

I am a sub elite athlete, have been an England marathon runner, and I average 70 to 90 miles a week. I really aspire to keep on running, and prevention of injuries through massages and soft tissue therapy play a part and are my biggest reason to partner with Michael at Restore Fitness Therapies. The treatments are personalised to how I am feeling, what my workloads have been but also what he can suggest when diagnosing my legs and lower back. Personally I favour deep tissue work….to keep fatigue and stress away from joints and muscles…I also find the therapy also helps my mental wellbeing….After the treatment I have a sense of achievement similar to that of a good work out, as I know I am looking after myself. ​

Kevin (sub elite runner, 10K, HM, Marathons - prevention/MOT massage)


Sports Performance

After my first session I knew that Pilates was going to be of great benefit to me and now I am back running and cycling and my back and core are much stronger. I am so pleased to have found Restore Fitness Therapies. It has got me back to where I want to be with my running and cycling and I look forward to the ‘feel good factor’ I get after my class each week.

Geraldine M – Park Run, Half-Marathons

I had a lower back problem from a snowboarding injury so my wife signed me up for classes! Although fit from running, I was not very flexible, and my core and back were weakened by having a desk job. But, I managed to touch my toes with straight legs this week for the first time for years! I also have less pain in my lower back and believe that combining Pilates into my weekly exercise routine should help me transition into the tri event from the single discipline of running.

John S – triathlon, snowboarding, sailing

I’ve always been into sport and always known I should stretch more and improve my flexibility, however I struggled to fit it into my routine. I’ve been attending Pilates weekly since the start of 2017 and have noticeably improved my flexibility. I have had fewer injuries, and feel aware of my body in a different way.

Sharon S – running, cycling, BMF

Ante and Post Natal

I felt really energised after the first class and it was nice to feel my muscles wake-up. I hadn’t exercised at all for the first 15/16 weeks of pregnancy and had been feeling sluggish. I actually felt like it was possible to do some toning during pregnancy when I walked out of the first class!

Rachel O – Hove

I wanted to make sure that I did regular exercise whilst pregnant and Pilates was a perfect class for me to do. It is nice to have an exercise class that you enjoy and that also benefits both you and the baby. It was great to stretch and exercise my key muscles. I felt that I had done a workout the next morning which made me feel great. My legs and stomach feel more toned since starting the class. The aches and pains that I have with pregnancy definitely ease after a session.

Sarah B – Hove

Within three sessions I really felt a difference in my body and a control of muscles I had lost since giving birth. Had I not started Pilates I would, without a doubt, still be struggling with pelvic floor issues and suffering constant back and neck pain as a result of looking after the twins. I’m now very excited to see what further progress I can make!

Helen G – 1:2:1 classes

I didn’t have a lot of core strength after having a baby and was also suffering from anxiety about my body after giving birth. My back problems and the various aches and pains I get from being a mum have really improved from Pilates and I am learning to feel good about my body again.

Alice B – Pilates for Health & Wellbeing

Thanks for the class today – it’s exactly what I’m after. I thought the content/teaching was great and I thought you created a really welcoming, relaxed and baby friendly environment too 🙂

Lotte D – Post Natal Mums and Babies Class

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