Success Stories

Mixed Ability Pilates Classes (Face to Face)

“I’ve gained real confidence in my physical ability and real health benefits. It has helped with repairing some longstanding injuries and I’ve been able to return to playing other sports like football which I’d previously given up”

Peter Devenport

“I have improved my overall body strength with particular attention to core muscles. I have learned about body areas that need more attention and a range of stretching and strengthening exercises that I feel are helping. I feel fitter overall and feel better protected against back weaknesses that I had suffered from previously”

David Lamb

“My flexibility has improved already. My back pain is significantly reduced, I am moving easier and an exercise that was impossible for me at the beginning (a shoulder bridge) is now possible, much to my surprise! I also just feel mentally happier and healthier. Without the classes my pain would have continued and I would have continued to gain more weight as my mobility reduced”

Catherine Martin

“My core definitely feels stronger and I’m progressing and improving with the exercises every week. I run and this is excellent cross training and has really made a difference to my posture. I really love the way I felt after the class, it’s challenging but in a very peaceful way”

Rhian Preece-Philips

“Having had a serious dislocation to my shoulder and surgery to repair it, I was finding that my range of movement in my shoulder was limited, strength reduced and I was often experiencing back pain at work. Over the last three months the range of movement in my shoulder has increased hugely, although it’s still ‘tight’ I no longer need any adjustments to the exercises! I am also having less frequent pains at my desk at work which I think is due to my shoulder and upper back being stronger and improved posture. Without the classes my recovery would have been slower as I was struggling to keep up my enthusiasm for the physio exercises at home and needed to find a way to incorporate these into a broader exercise session”

Amanda Soley

“I was looking for an exercise class that would allow me to keep my body and mind strong but would also be low impact as I have a knee injury. I hadn’t been able to do a lot of exercise since my injury and because of this, I lost a lot of my strength. Things are improving as I was not able to balance very well on my injured leg when I started. It’s now nearly 3 months on, and my balance is definitely improving! After my surgery I am hoping to continue with Pilates to get my leg strong again!”

Natalie Beckwith

Pregnancy Pilates Classes

“I wanted to find a gentler form of exercise that was effective, but with classes specifically designed with pregnancy in mind. I learned a lot about breathing techniques and correct posture during pregnancy. These techniques proved invaluable during my pregnancy and I used them on a daily basis”

Angelina K

“I was pregnant with my second child and starting to feel the strain of the bump plus hoisting a toddler up and down on my body. Doing Clare’s classes before having my baby definitely strengthened my body and prepared it for labour. I’m sure that the exercise had a real impact on how my labour progressed positively and helped my recovery afterwards”

Susie K

“I was very tired during the early stages of pregnancy but needn’t have worried though as there are options depending on how you’re feeling. I felt really energised after the first class and it was nice to feel my muscles wake-up. I hadn’t exercised at all for the first 15/16 weeks of pregnancy and had been feeling sluggish. I actually felt like it was possible to do some toning during pregnancy when I finished the first class!”

Rachel C

Post Natal Recovery

“I didn’t have a lot of core strength after having a baby and was also suffering from anxiety about my body after giving birth. My back problems and the various aches and pains I get from being a mum have really improved from Pilates and I am learning to feel good about my body again”

Alice Barry

“Within three sessions I really felt a difference in my body and a control of muscles I had lost since giving birth. Had I not started Pilates I would, without a doubt, still be struggling with pelvic floor issues and suffering constant back and neck pain as a result of looking after the twins. I’m now very excited to see what further progress I can make! ”

Helen Ginn

“The breathing techniques and core and pelvic floor control exercises start to have an immediate effect. You just start to hold yourself more upright and feel more ‘zipped up’ straight away. I’ve gained strength and muscle tone throughout my whole body and reduced the separation of my abdominal muscles”

Jess Lloyd

“I struggled a lot with lower back pain before but since attending classes it has improved the strength in my back. I probably wouldn’t have made the effort to go out half as much as I did if I didn’t have a class to go to. It so easy being a new mum to just stay indoors but you really did make it easy and enjoyable to attend classes”

Candy Deadman

“I originally came to help my body recover after birth, tone up those core muscles and help with all the aches and pains a new mum has to deal with. I liked the idea that I can bring my newborn and feel comfortable with all the changes/feeds he needs. I’ve attended classes for 7 months and my body tone has really improved; my core muscles, arms and shoulders are much stronger. Without attending the classes I am not sure I would have got to my strength back so quickly after birth”

Michal Oak

“I have done Pilates for several years and wanted to continue after having a baby with someone qualified in Post Natal Pilates. I was initially worried about how my body had changed after pregnancy and birth but now I’m noticing improved core strength, better posture and more flexibility. It has also helped with getting back to pre-pregnancy weight/body and has helped with pelvic floor muscles. After an hour of focusing on myself, not just exercising but focusing on breathing and stretching as well I always feel better!”

Alexa Robinson

“I had a difficult second pregnancy…my hips had been really painful and I had lots of swelling in my legs. I really felt as though my body was packing up! And so I wanted to go to an exercise class that would slowly build up strength in my joints again. I felt the classes had quite a significant impact on my body shape after a few sessions (hurrah, a waist!). I found these classes helped ‘repair’ my body after the new baby and were a good precursor for going back to aerobic exercise. They are also perfect for new mums as you can bring your baby along to the day time classes. My body is stronger and more toned since I’ve been attending the classes and I now have less aches and pains in my joints, particularly my back”

Lucy Trinder

“I came to the taster class when my little one was about 4 months old. I really wanted to get back into shape and had started going to different classes for about a month but wasn’t sure I had found the right one for me. Turned out Pilates was the one! Pilates is the perfect workout for me, gentle but strengtening and a great occasion to do my pelvic floor excercises! After 2 months of classes I feel much stronger, I use a baby carrier everyday and have no back pain at all, I’ve gained a stronger core and a better posture and I’m really looking forward to going back each week!”

Julie Guinard


“Since I started your classes I have seen massive improvement and it’s helping me get back on track”

Almudena C

“I can feel the difference in my posture and how my back feels after each session”

Clara F

“Since I started my Pilates classes my back pain and my general mental health has improved more than I could ever have imagined”

Lianne H

“The results of attending classes have been a reduction in back and shoulder pain. Without the classes I’d be in a lot more daily discomfort with regards to back aches and pains”

Ed B

Live Online Classes

“Occasionally if I have felt lazy before a class I don’t have too far to go and set up in my living room which only takes 5 minutes, really convenient”

Lee G

“It’s been good to have short chats with classmates before sessions”

Lin M

“I like being able to access a recorded class at the weekend, and prefer to do a live class during the week when kids/work/other life stuff allows”

Clara F

“I am able to ‘get to’ more classes as I am usually limited by childcare and my partner’s long commute”

Helen C

“The variety of different timings makes it easier to fit in classes around work. Exercising from home also cuts commuting time and allows for multitasking, such as putting dinner in before a session!”

Jess P

“It still feels like a group activity but I am not distracted by comparing myself to what others are doing, so I feel less self conscious. Plus, at the moment, being able to decide at the last minute to join a class and not have to travel to get there is great!”

Suzy C

“With live classes it sorts of gives a structure to the day and the week. I would have tried to follow some sort of classes on Youtube but it may not have been safe for me or tailored to my needs”

Clare B

“I actually prefer Pilates online because of the unlimited classes membership and it’s more convenient to do Pilates at home because travelling to the studio has previously been awkward, especially trying to make it on time after work”

Sacha F

“It’s great to have live instruction and feedback. I also love having interaction with other people!”

Cheryl B

On-Demand Classes

“No travel, comfortable setting, time saver in terms of travel and organisation”

Sherie O

“When I haven’t been able to make it to a live class due to work it has been really helpful having the recordings that I can access at another time”

Gemma L.

“I can do more classes and have found the recordings particularly good as I don’t need to be anchored to a particular time slot”

Jamie G

“It’s more flexible and the recordings are easier to slot into gaps in the day”

Sue G

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